Disadvantages Of Pastoral Theology

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What is Pastoral Theology? Pastoral theology is the study of what the Bible says about the office of pastor/elder/bishop/overseer. • It applies timeless biblical truth to situations faced every day in churches and is closely related to practical theology. • Pastor theology covers the art of homiletics (the preparation and delivery of sermons). • Pastoral theology examines the issues and challenges associated with being a pastor and informs the relationship between a pastor and the people under his spiritual care. Common questions asked and answered in pastoral theology are: • “How can I best care for this church?” • “How do I prepare a sermon?” • “What are a pastor’s responsibilities to his congregation?” • “What are the qualifications for being a…show more content…
Mobilize the people (Nehemiah 3:1-31) Additional Biblical Models of Leadership As a church staff or volunteer ministry leader, you can learn valuable and unique lessons from several biblical characters. 1. Barnabas: "Bridge the gaps of differing opinions." a. Born a Cypriot and reared a Levite, he linked the Hellenistic world and the Jerusalem church. b. Even when John Mark was being severely ostracized by Paul, Barnabas stood by John Mark. c. He bridged the gaps between the Greek and Jewish worlds. d. He was generous and that in itself bridges the gaps of selfish and greedy people if God 's grace is given the opportunity to be operative. e. He was nicknamed "son of encouragement" (Acts 4:36). f. The most memorable aspect of effective leadership of a pastor is when he has survived the polarities of differing opinions and modeled having each side respect the other 's. 2. Elijah: "Bind the ties of love and courage." a. In every effective leader 's life, there is a time for love, but also a time for courage. b. Some call it a tough mind and a tender heart. Elijah had both. He loved God. c. Effective leaders have the courage to speak even when it is unpopular to speak because they speak the truth with

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