Disadvantages Of People With Disability

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Disability is a comprehensive concept, with different meanings for different communities. It may be used to refer either physical or mental attributes that someone institutes, particularly medicine, view as needing to be fixed. It may refer to limitations imposed on people by the constraints of an ableist society. Or the term simply may serve to refer to the identity of people with disability.
Actually, people with disability should not be termed as “Disabled” or “Physically Handicapped”, instead should be termed as “People with Special Abilities”, as they being disabled have one or the other additional unique & special abilities.
So, the specially-abled people; who want to achieve economic and financial self-sufficiency might consider Self-employment. The advantages of Self-employment are numerous, and thanks to online and at-home freelancing, the prospect of finding work at a live-able wage is better than it used to be.
If you were born challenged or have experienced a life altering event and became handicapped or disabled later in life and you want to work, you can and should!!
Just think seriously about starting a small business from home. These are some of the simple as well as fruitful business ideas given below:
1. Songs writer/ Singer: It is said that disabled people are more deep and intense in thoughts. So, if you are good at singing or composing the lyrics of a song then you may pursue the idea of writing a song or singing as your business and can earn for life

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