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Dr: Kauser Fatima Environmental issues

What it is ?
Petroleum or Crude oil: is thick liquid, flammable, and it has several of color, found under the ground. Petroleum is one of the fossil fuel with Coal and natural gas. And it came from remnant of dead ancient marine organisms buried under many ground layers over million years and high pressure and temperature convert to petroleum. The most countries exporter petroleum is KSA, US, Russia and china.

The first step for extracting is finding place that petroleum store in and that by Seismic survey and Geologist. The Seismic survey is Operation that use elastic waves to
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Gasoline has two types light and heavy, it is used in cars and different transportations. Kerosene can use as fuel in the houses or jets. Asphalt is not gas but it heavy derivatives and they use it for road working.
2) High energy generating :
Companies can generate from petroleum about 10,000 kilo calories (kcal) for burning one kilogram of burnt oil so small amount can generate a substantial amount of
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And by the help of science and technology they improve certain ways to extract petroleum easily and quickly.
4) Low cost :
Comparing to other energy source petroleum is cheaper than it by declining technical and physical effort to extract it.
The Disadvantage of petroleum:
1) Resources Are Limited: Although oil is a natural fossil fuel, its resource is now limited. The high demands of the modern world for energy have stressed the conventional sources of oil reserves. The ever increasing cost of petroleum in the market is a clear indication that oil resources are decreasing. Power plants are getting hard time extracting oil beneath the earth’s surface as reserves are nearly drought.

2) Environmental Pollution :
Extracting and burning oil generates greenhouse gases that contribute to environmental pollution and global warming.

3) The non-renewable energy
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