Polyploidy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Introduction Polyploidy is an inherited condition whereby the organism possesses more than 2 complete sets of chromosomes. It is common amongst plants and some fish and amphibians. Advantages of polyploidy include the fact that they are able to use their genes function in other ways that are not necessarily needed in non-polyploidy organisms which allows them to evolve in many different ways. Another way is by disrupting certain self-incompatibility systems, thereby allowing self-fertilization. However there are disadvantages to it as well, such as being problematic for meiosis and mitosis. An investigation has been conducted to prove that polyploidy plants are able withstand harsher conditions and therefore are able to survive for a longer period. Literature research…show more content…
Polyploidy clones have been developed during the process of crop domestication. Polyploidy plants generated by evolutionary processes and/or crop domestication have been the intentional focus of research dealing with the dynamics and consequences of plant evolution. Polyploidy plants are also used in functional genetic material research to study gene expression in a complex genetic material background. Implications on plant sciences including evolution, functional genetic material, and plant breeding are presented. Polyploidy will be a focus of genetic material research in the future as rapid advances in DNA sequencing technology create opportunities for discovering and monitoring genetic material and transcriptomic
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