Disadvantages Of Poor Performance Essay

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The method has significant limitations like negative incidents are generally more noticeable than positive ones. The recording of incidents is a chore to the supervisor and may be put off and easily for gotten. It may result in overly close supervision also. Managers may unload a series of complaints about incidents during an annual performance review session. The feedback may be too much at one time and thus appear as a punishment to the rate. More appropriately the management should use incidents of poor performance as opportunities for immediate training and counseling. 6.Field Review: This is an appraisal by someone outside the assesses own department, usually someone from the corporate office or the HR Department. The outsider reviews employee records and holds interviews with the rate and his or her superior. The method is primarily used for making promotional decisions at managerial level. Field reviews are also useful when comparable information is needed from employees in different units or locations.

But a disadvantage of this method may be that an outsider is usually not familiar with conditions in an employee’s work environment, which may affect the employee’s ability or motivation to perform. An outsider review does not have the opportunity to observe employee behavior of performance over a period of time and
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Raters may tend to evaluate the quality of the individual’s social skills rather than the quality of the decision he/she makes. But well conducted assessment center can and does achieve better forecasts of future performance and progress than other methods of appraisal. Also, reliability, content validity, and predictive validity are said to be higher in assessment centers. The test also makes sure that the wrong people are not hired or promoted. Finally, the assessment center test clearly defines the criteria for selection and
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