Disadvantages Of Population Growth

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On a worldwide level, increasing population is starting to require more food and services, so we have been trying to increase the production of crops and services. The comfort of an individual is related to their wealth. But right now we are trying to please the whole world, plus in developing countries which have a huge population there will be a bad environmental impact, such as increasing carbon footprints or pollution due to excess factories. Meeting the needs of a growing population is getting harder and harder – for example distributing goods and services to the whole population of China or India or South America, this means that developing countries such as India and Ghana urgently need to shift to a sustainable economy. Eventually this means population growth and development are related. When population growth is high the development rate slows down (rioscienceforum.wordpress.com)
Several countries with one of the world’s largest population are the countries that are developing extremely slowly. For example India; it is developing quite fast but not fast enough. It has too many people and not enough resources; this means the people below the poverty line barely get anything. India has problems such as corruption and illiteracy which slow down the development rate. Due to the massive population not everybody gets a chance to go to school, this continues the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and extremely slow development. Although a lot of people have secondary and
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