Disadvantages Of Porcelain Insulators

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In terms of significance, the market has been segmented on the basis of type include ceramic, glass, and composite insulators markets. - there can be pin , disc , post - telegram , hollow bushing insulators under porcelain insulators.
The market segments by application include cables & transmission lines, transformers, switch gears, bus bars, surge protection devices, among others. The market segments by end-user include utilities, and industries among others.
The market segments by category include bushings and other insulators.
The market segments by voltage include high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage. The geographic segmentation includes the market size and share of North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle
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The electrical or mechanical strengths are usually not affected, so change-out is not required. The most important being it is quite cost - effective. Some of the electricity utilities still focus on taking porcelain insulators only . Thus , there is still a good chance and a good market for porcelain segment.
The major drawback of glass insulator is that moisture condenses easily on its surface, limiting its use to lower voltages.Whereas, composite insulators may be very low priced and light -weight but their longevity is much less as compared to Porcelain Insulators.
The porcelain insulator virtually replaced the glass insulator on all electrical distribution, even at low voltages, as porcelain insulators are superior in both insulation quality and
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As the composite insulator is flexible the chance of breakage becomes minimum. Because of lighter weight and smaller in size, this insulator has lower installation cost. It has higher tensile strength compared to porcelain insulator. Its performance is better particularly in polluted areas. Due to lighter weight polymer insulator imposes less load to the supporting structure. Less cleaning is required due to hydrophobic nature of the insulator.

This will be basically because composite insulators are nowadays drawing in too many customers , understandably - because of the low price. Also our installation cost and cost on manual labours will reduce . Once , we create a brand image and once we start steadily moving with flow , we are sure to gain a lot of profit out of the newly formed business. Our initial cost will be cheaper but the longevity of the insulator is really low.

This will take time in gaining profit because marketing of products of my company do not depend on any print , TV , or Internet Promotional Programs . At the most advertising in selected journals like INMR Of Canada , IEEMA Of India etc can help us to a certain extent providing the advertisement is very strong

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