Disadvantages Of Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology is the branch of science that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to help within the action of a satisfactory life, instead of simply treating mental state.The "positive" branch enhances, with no intention to interchange or ignore, the normal areas of psychology. By adding a very important emphasis to use the methodology to review and verify positive human development, this space of psychology fits well with the investigation of however human development will falter. This field brings attention to the chance that focusing only on disorder may lead to a partial, and restricted, understanding of a human condition.The words, "the sensible life" are derived from speculation about what holds the best price in life - the factors that contribute the foremost to a well-lived and fulfilling life. Martin Seligman stated the good life as "using your signature strengths every day to provide authentic happiness and abundant gratification." Topics of interest to researchers within the field are: states of enjoyment or flow, values, strengths, virtues, talents, similarly because the ways in which these may be promoted by social systems and institutions. Positive psychologists are concerned with four topics: (1) positive experiences, (2) enduring psychological traits, (3) positive relationships and (4) positive institutions. Some thinkers and researchers, like Seligman, have collected information to support the event of guiding theories (e.g.
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