Disadvantages Of Poverty And Poverty

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The concept of poverty is not a new one. But poverty never received any more attention than let us say crime in society. People loathed both but never hoped to completely get rid of such social realities. In Hindu mythologies criminals could turn into saints and devotees while poor, with the blessing of god or through some sort of dramatic turn in fate, could become aristocrats even king. So, poverty was thought to be a function of fate, and to some extent, reducible through charity. Since there were very few people then in the middle rungs of the society (equivalent to today’s middle class) societies in most part of the world constituted of the ruling class (kings, nobles, aristocracy) and the poor mass of people engaged in different kinds…show more content…
The disadvantage of HCR as a measure of poverty is it does not tell us anything when poor become poorer or their situation improves but they remain below the poverty line. It makes policymaker bias towards the poor who are just below the poverty line and not towards the needier and poorer people. Allocating resources to the former group of poor instantly gets them out of poverty line and HCR shows a positive picture. To offset such bias we need to focus on the extent of poverty. This is measured through the Poverty Gap Ratio…show more content…
However, both the measures only capture the “per capita intensity” of poverty and need to be used along with HCR for a better picture of poverty in any society. These measures also fail to reflect relative deprivation or inequality among the poor. Moreover, these measures are insensitive to any income transfer between the poor.
These criticisms led to better measures of poverty like that of Sen’s and the one proposed by Foster, Greer and Thorbecke (Ibid).
Corollaries of poverty
Poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. Economic deprivation disempowers and dehumanizes people in several ways. Low income negatively affects nutrition and when body does not get enough nutrition capacity to work and earn decreases further. Malnutrition is often compounded with a general poor health condition due to lack of access to potable drinking water, poor sanitation facilities, congested living area and high cost of health

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