Disadvantages Of Poverty In Education

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Poverty consists of many disadvantages to children’s educational life. Professionals who work with children will integrate in order to allow children to have the best start in their early years. There are many reasons to why children are experiencing poverty, one of the reasons is families with low income. This is a disadvantage for children as they have limited access to resources to develop their learning. Parents may find it difficult in financing their money which then leads to children not receiving the resources, an example is what they need before they start school. On the other hand, another issue is parents lacking on their parenting as they are worried about their financial problem. The Poverty Act 2010 underlined that parents will…show more content…
Reflecting on the problematic issues of finance and parenting, children in poverty are not having any opportunities to develop their learning, however, these issues influence concerns of children’s welfare (Cronin, Argent and Collett, 2017). These concerns will regard to children not meeting their milestone and professionals having concerns with their learning as they may not be progressing well. Children need the motivation of achieving their needs, in poverty, children have the lack of motivation, which results back to the lack of opportunities they have and the resources they need (Wilber, 2015). Moreover, as poverty is linked to poor educational outcomes (see appendix 1), children who do not receive the resource they need, it causes children to have difficulties in their cognitive development as they are unable to interpret what they have learnt (Bradshaw, 2016). Professionals who come across a family who have income issues that will affect children’s education, they should set up an educational base class for a two hour for parents and children to attend (free of

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