Disadvantages Of Program Evaluation

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Felipe (2012) sought to emphasize the roles played by the stakeholders in the government’s counterinsurgency effort in relation to IPSP. Accordingly, common to different government agencies is the task of, ‘to lead’ or ‘to take the lead role’; while, the NGOs/CSOs/POs serve as ‘fillers’ to the gaps in the dispensation of tasks and functions of government agencies. (Felipe:2012) One of the main gaps that the study revealed was the absence of a clear mandate or policy that would inform the concerned government agencies to take the lead and collaborate with the AFP on matters of internal peace and security. (Felipe:2012) On the other hand, while there are many agencies and stakeholders receptive to the AFP’s objective of winning the peace, the…show more content…
The second characteristic of program evaluation according to authors is its orientation towards measuring program effectiveness. As social programs are meant to benefit a population, evaluations must be able to focus on the appropriate aspects. Rossi et al. (2004) enumerated such aspects as the following: (1) the need for the program, (2) the program's design, (3) its implementation and service delivery, (4) its impacts, or outcome, and (5) its efficiency. Third, program evaluation must be able to consider political and environmental context. It is in this particular characteristic that the authors aver the importance of stakeholders: the evaluator, the one to commission the evaluation; and other organizations or individuals that have significant stakes in the program. On the other hand, the results that evaluations aim for should be timely and meaningful especially to decision makers as this will determine the fate of the program. (Rossi et al.,:2004) Finally, program evaluation seeks to improve social conditions by informing social action. Findings from assessments should always serve as a basis for decisions for actions or non-actions towards the program. This may cause program maintenance, improvement, alteration, or termination – either of this should ultimately render some positive benefits such as improve social conditions. (Rossi et al.,
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