Disadvantages Of Public Media

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It helps to reAch out to a huge Audience, it mAybe in millions.
It has greAt engAging potential And feedbAcks. It helps to tempt the customers and persuAdes them by giving out information thAt shAkes their mind. PR hAs cost control over it compAred to other promotionAl activities.
It helps to creAte awAreness about the products or services and arouses demand. Helps to creAte a substantial image of the institute and initiates a feeling or approach that shows the successful running of the business.
PUBLIC RELATIONS helps in the areA of building credibility and imAge, reAching the tArget market , creAting a lead and mainly keeping cost under control. DISADVANTAGES OF PUBLIC RELATIONS

It is difficult to foresee the reaction or response of the public. There are many times when the PUBLIC RELATION campaigns are overlooked due to clashes with breaking news of an earthquake, bomb blast, etc.
The agents do not have direct control over the messages that are being sent out. Be it its delivery or place.
Support of the high knowledge of media is required in order to get the attention of the public, which might be a difficult task. The response is very unpredictable
Lastly, such promotional strategies grab the attention of many
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In olden times women were not supposed to go out of homes but now seeing women of western countries they have started going out and are now also doing job. Women can be seen working in every department let it be agriculture, media, banking, etc. so, suddenly women have come out of their homes and have started competing with men. 
In western countries they have a culture of late night parties, women wearing small clothes, telecasting anything on television etc. And now day’s our generation is getting attracted towards these things because our culture here in India has always been early bed early to rise, or women should wear full clothes to show respect to elders and
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