Bupropion Benefits

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Smoking cigarettes, every day, may look great or calm you down. However, it can lead to a person having health problems, such as lung cancer and respiratory problems. This may also lead to early death. For people who want to decrease the rate of these problems can consider quitting smoking. They can use two of the methods that are recommended to quit smoking- which are using medicine (Bupropion) and using a combination of treatments (nicotine patch plus lozenge from the Nicotine Replacement Therapies -NRT). The focus will be on how these two methods work, the effect they have on the social factor and the health factor.
Bupropion is a pill that was approved in 1989 to be used and an antidepressant. As the years went by, scientists saw that it also assists in quitting smoking. According to PubMed, it is unclear how bupropion works. Yet, it is known that it decreases the pleasure that one gets from smoking, which decreases the craving of nicotine and the things that usually trigger the craving of smoking might not work. This medicine should only be used under the prescription from a doctor.
The social advantage of using bupropion to quit smoking is that; one
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This is a disadvantage because the changes in the behaviour of the person using bupropion might have a negative effect on the relationships that were built. These mood changes can make a person have nobody besides them throughout this whole process. The other problem with this is that nobody has a clear idea of bupropion works; therefore nobody can trace how it causes these side effects meaning that nobody can help to solve these other
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