Disadvantages Of Reading Based Reading

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Reading is indispensable to any forms of learning. It is the most vital communication tools. It can strengthen vocabulary and grammar mastery. Students learn how spoken and written languages relate to each other as they learn to read. Reading has become a primary vehicle for target language input (Han & Anderson, 2009). The reading-based materials such as literary pieces and other prints that captivate students’ interests are engaging students in authentic activities. Prints help students reread and refer back to solve their problems (Dubbin and Bycina, 1991).
There are several advantages using this type of materials to learn various language skills for it provides students with content that can make the lesson fun. It encourages a higher level of thinking compared to the basal level of instruction for students, predicts events and reacts to characters in stories. It gives learners the opportunity to think deeply and share their thoughts about a story. Reading-based instructions enhance vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and language growth. However, there are several disadvantages of using authentic reading materials such as difficulty in finding a variety of books suited to every learner in a diverse classroom, wherein learners varying levels of vocabulary and comprehension abilities are considered. Moreover, it gives additional work for the teacher to look for stories relevant to students’ lives. Thus, recycling lessons don 't work because students’ needs vary:

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