Reading-Based Materials In English Language Learning

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Reading is indispensable to any forms of learning. It is the most vital communication tools. It can strengthen vocabulary and grammar mastery. Students learn how spoken and written languages relate to each other as they learn to read. Reading has become a primary vehicle for target language input (Han & Anderson, 2009). The reading-based materials such as literary pieces and other prints that captivate students’ interests are engaging students in authentic activities. Prints help students reread and refer back to solve their problems (Dubbin and Bycina, 1991).
There are several advantages using this type of materials to learn various language skills for it provides students with content that can make the lesson fun. It encourages a higher
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It does the same thing as the grammatical exercises. However, it has presented in much more fluid and less rigid manner. Besides practical applications of reading materials, it creates a deeper interaction between the reader and the text (Rosenblatt, 1978). It also impacted students’ enthusiasm for language learning girded up in the works of Dörnyei (1994), Reoperes (2009), Carroll & Gregg (2003), Sun (2010), and Kitao & Kitao (1997). Wachob (2006), Dar (2012), and Arias (2007) added up that since teaching materials undergird the construct of motivation, it should be suitable for students’ level, needs, background knowledge, and interest. Moreover, the content should be relevant and authentic.
The research considers motivation significant in its role in language learning success. Researchers have identified a number of factors that can affect or influence learners’ motivation. These are the society, the immediate family members, the teachers and their teaching methods, and the learning environment (Harmer, 2001, Nolens, 2007, Dörnyei, 1994 and Wimolmas, 2012). Selecting the right teaching materials and activities according to students’ needs will result in positive motivation (Arias,
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