Disadvantages Of Reading

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After a reader reads the text, it depends on them if your text can change their point of view and beliefs. We can say that a text has an impact to the readers if they (readers) have changed their point of view and beliefs in their life. Through reading the readers can evaluate a text and also they can say that your work or your text can changed somebody’s life and it’s a good result for you as a writer. Through reading readers can acquire information and knowledge and they will apply it on a task. The students read because it is a skill for life and because it will help them find what they need or want to know and also some students read because it helps them to understand the world and it teaches them about other people and helps them to understand…show more content…
Before you begin in writing a text you have some research about it to be able to come up with a good result. Writers should consider or they should have a plan before writing, the thoughts and ideas that they will collect should be accurate and aligned to the topic and theme and also it should be organized or in a chronological order. You start in specific to general ideas so that the information in the text will help the readers in learning, step by step or gradually. Writing will lead you to success; you must have an imagination to create a good text and a writer must know how to attract his/her readers because once they were attracted the more they will read your writings, if you have to convince your readers to read your works you must have the power of convincing through writing. In Creative Writing it should consider the fiction, poetry or non-fiction, like also in making scripts on a play it also consider as a creative in writing. Remember that in writing it should be entertaining and it will educate the readers meaning they should learn something new to be able to connect their prior knowledge on the knowledge that they had acquire on your text. Use your creativity and find your own meanings and beliefs, creative writers should have the power to educate and make someone laugh, to make someone cry and to make someone think. (Setera as cited in Patel,
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