Disadvantages Of Recidivism

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The purpose of this paper is to examine recidivism and public perception. Every year thousands of ex-offenders are returned to prison for a variety of reasons. Many jurisdictions lack the resources for ex-offenders to have a successful return to society (James, 2011). The disadvantages of recidivism effects not only the lives of felons, but also their families and surrounding communities. Recidivism occurs when a person has been previously incarcerated, and later released, reoffends, and returns to the correctional system. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics has conducted research which findings hold that there is a higher rate of recidivism amongst previously released prisoners. The study followed over 400,000 felons after their…show more content…
Recidivism is the catalyzing factor that has propelled and sustained the U.S. Correctional system’s lucrative nature. Recidivism occurs when a person who has been previously incarcerated, and later released, reoffends and returns to the correctional system. In Illinois, over 45 percent of offenders that are freed every year are expected to return within three years of release.
One of the effects of recidivism is the societal label that is associated with having a criminal record. Once released from prison, one is labeled a felon, often denied employment because of their status, and therefore typically unable to secure work and money. This then negatively affects all aspects of the person’s life, including their finances, transportation, lodging, health, and even family. Statistics show that a family is 40 percent more likely to live in destitution while the father figure is imprisoned. And children whose guardians are imprisoned are more likely to experience (Johnson, 2009). The purpose of this study is to understand the behaviors of released felons as they re-enter society and analyze their psychological behaviors as well. This study also
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Felons face many obstacles upon release back into their respective communities. One hindrance includes the inability to obtain gainful
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