Disadvantages Of Renewable Energy Essay

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There are many important quantities that determine the advantages and disadvantages of an energy source including the environmental footprint, energy cost and the availability of the source/energy supply. It is quite difficult to identify the best alternative out of the different energy sources in terms of the cost because the cost of a specific source varies constantly. For example, oil market price is subject to supply/demand balance and to the geopolitical situation. On the other hand, renewable energy cost is decreasing due to the extensive researches are being done in this field aimed to utilize renewable energy more efficiently. 4.1 Environmental Footprint Environment has received a lot of attention in the recent years as concerns are growing over the deteriorating condition of the environment. Many calls have been made to take immediate action to address environmental problems like global warming, overexploitation of natural resources and the increasing environmental pollution. Each energy source has different impacts on the environment including air, water, soil, etc. • Coal Coal mining…show more content…
Environmental damage occurs throughout the stages of exploration, production, refining, transportation and end use consumption. Potential impacts include water contamination due to effluent of wash and cooling water discharges, seepage from storage and waste tanks, discharges of water effluents rich in inorganic salts without appropriate treatment and water contamination of oil spills which could be very catastrophic such as the incident of The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in year 2010 and the oil spill resulting from the Gulf War in 1991. Also, this industry adds a considerable amount of NOx, SOx and particulate emissions and largely contribute to the soil and groundwater contamination resulting from the different chemical compounds and the produced
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