Representative Democracy

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The world experiences immense challenges on the stature of democracy in both east and west Europe due to the recent events that people experience in countries such as Russia and Hungary. On one side, it is noted that the Russian president Vladimir Putin openly expresses his concerns about the anti-democratic stance that could ruin the choices of people for a preferred candidate to rule the government. On the other hand, the Hungarian prime minister indicates that liberal democracy is not the ideal option for the development of nations. In this context, it is evident that representatives of democracy have a hard task as they need to support their viewpoint against world leaders that have prevalence support. Accordingly, Fareed Zakaria indicated…show more content…
Importantly, all the variables that infringe the representative democracy have immense impact on the various instruments that the people have to control sanity and decorum in the public offices. Importantly, the voting patterns are impacted by the movements such that people are manipulated to change their decisions to vote for a specific candidate. In many cases, democracy indicates that individuals have the absolute right to select a specific candidate to be the leader in an office. However, the changing dynamics in the politics of European countries can flout the constitutionally given right to the residents. Additionally, party membership is a matter of decision by the leaders such that people that may have the appropriate qualities to lead a country or a group of people may not have the chance. In particular, the decisions by asset of individuals could be detrimental to the progress of the nations since the leadership is left to people who have control rather than people that are chosen by the representatives. More so, the trust in politicians is equally on the brink of extinction as they are involved in scandalous activities that define their ill motives. In particular, some of the issues that should be a matter of concern to the population are decided upon with minimal focus…show more content…
For instance, it is noted that after the great recession that the world experienced in 2008, mainstream parties in the United States changed their stance such that their focus is on the state rather than the support for civil liberties. In particular, there is reliance on strengthening their roles in the government rather than function as a representation of the populaces. Thus, there is the rise of democracy without parties where individuals that are thought to be non-partisan seek the opportunity to protect the rights of individuals. Due to the division and free movement of politicians from one mainstream party to another, there is a popular movement where individual not linked to any party find survival in the political environment. Thus, it is notable that populists may not be focused on representation of the people but they focus on opportunistic gains that they may accrue in any situation. For example, controversial debates that involve the public may provide a political opportunity to individuals that resonate with the population although the media may play a role to determine the

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