Disadvantages Of Quality In Early Years Education

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In simple terms, quality is fitness for purpose. If quality is about meeting service users ' requirements, it is important to discover what these requirements are and meet those.
Quality is monitored by regulators like the KHDA .Quality is an important component in Early Years education. It is important for both practitioners and children. Quality is basically attempt to improve services and guarantee better care and quality in the setting.
Different settings follow different methods to monitor their quality.

Method Brief description Advantages Disadvantages
Early Childhood Education Rating Scales It is a formative assessment tool. It is an evidence-based quality improvement tool, specifically for classrooms. It enables setting to assess
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It is reflection on own practices and procedures and planning to overcome the weaknesses. RoQ is a framework that supports settings to records their quality improvement based on their previous practices. The main advantage of PLA RoQ is that this method is based on the previous practices and so strength and weaknesses can be identified easily. All staff members are involved and everybody is accountable for quality procedures. It is time bound and it should be completed in two years. Parents and children are also involved in quality check. This method requires to fill templates of practices by setting and then interviews and professional discussions are conducted. It saves busy managers to make lengthy reports at the end of evaluation but evidence has to be collected over the period of time. It is based on collaborative and co-operating environment. It there is lack of bounding between members it is difficult to execute . Setting has to keep records for evidence and this requires lot of paperwork and time. All staff members need to be honest and critically evaluate the practices of the…show more content…
The early year’s self-evaluation form helps you to evaluate your practice against the judgements inspectors make.
There is no fixed time when you should complete your self-evaluation form. You can complete it as often as you wish and when it best suits you. Setting may choose to complete your self-evaluation form to fit in with your normal cycle of review and planning. KHDA recommends you review and update it at least once a year. A self-assessment helps you become more self-aware, enabling you to take a more objective look at your behavior, choices and actions to make them productive and beneficial. Self-awareness also improves your personal interaction with other people because you take into consideration the way others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. A self-assessment is limited as it is subjective. You are left with the responsibility to rate and assess. It leaves a challenge with the person to change areas and very less choice. (Lotc.org.uk, 2018)

Self-help books Personal growth – focus mainly on improving oneself in different
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