Rural Migration

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The movement of population from one region to another is termed as migration. Migration is commonly of two types: temporary and permanent.Temporary migration encompasses annual, seasonal or even daily movements of population between two cities; it is also called ‘commutation’.Migration can be divided into the following types on the basis of origin and destination:
Rural to rural R → R
Rural to urban R → U
Urban to urban U → U
Urban to rural U → R
In some cases, the population moves from villages to small towns and then to a bigger metropolitan city: this may be termed ‘step-wise migration’.Migration owing to a number of attractions offered by a city is interpreted as migration due to ‘push’ factors; on the other hand, people move out of villages
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Rural urban migration is one of the important factors contributing to the population growth of cities. Age and skill selective out migration from the rural area have adverse effect on the rural demographic structure. It may have profound effects on the size, structure and growth patterns of populations. Migration has effects on both populations of the patterns of populations. Migration has effects on both population of the places that people leave & on the populations of those in which they settle. These effects vary with different types of migration & length of migrants stay in places. The absence of large number of either men or women may have a limited impact on the sending society in short term but if they are absent for longer periods time their absence will have significant effects on population growth rates in the medium and longer…show more content…
The new ideas related to new technologies, family planning, girl’s education, etc. get diffused from urban to rural areas through them. Migration adversely affects the welfare of the source areas because of increasing rural to urban migration in spite of rising urban unemployment, increasing environmental problems, overgrowing of population and the shortage of urban amenities. The effects of migration on the individual migrants themselves who come from varied socio-economic backgrounds the effects on the resource base of the families of the migrants left behind the effects of the migration on the village community of the
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