Disadvantages Of Rural Tourism

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Pro Poor Tourism: unlocking opportunities for rural youth
Vibha Jantwal and Geeta Negi
M.Sc. Agricultural Extension & Communication,
Department of Agricultural Communication, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar 263145 India
India is one of the important tourist destinations, a position it has attained due to successful “Incredible India” campaign. Government is making sincere efforts to diversify its tourism sector. Tourism is one of the most important emerging sectors that is contributing 6.6% to national GDP, supporting 39.5 millions job and contributes 7.7% of total employment in the country. It is predicted that this sector will grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% from 2013 to 2023 (World travel
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Efforts are being made to promote tourism in new forms such as medical tourism, eco tourism, bio tourism etc.. Tourism sectors employs both educated and uneducated manpower, India is called as a “Young Country” because it has large youth population. The recent studies reveal that; though the youths in rural areas are drifting away from agriculture sector but their keen interest in tourism sector is found to be high. Growth of tourism demands accessibility of the site, attractiveness, type of site and historical significance of that place. Rural villages of India have their own culture, traditions and customs which have immense potential for growth of tourism sector. If the youth of the rural areas are strategically involved in tourism in their own area then the benefits of the tourism…show more content…
Pro poor tourism is one of approach of tourism which aims at directing the net benefits of tourism to the poor people. It ensures that the tourism sector contributes in poverty reduction. It provides the opportunity to the poor to gain economic strength and other livelihood benefits. It is an approach which should not be confused with eco tourism and community based tourism although the latter can serve the purpose of pro poor tourism. However two terms; pro poor tourism and sustainable tourism may overlap. Achieving social benefit is one of the aspect of sustainable tourism whereas it can be a means for pro poor tourism for poverty reduction.
• It provides economic benefits; generates part time and full time employment through small and medium enterprises by selling to tourism business and tourists as well. ƒ
• It generates other social benefits such as access to potable water, roads, improved access to markets, improved health facilities and educational opportunities etc.
• It also creates opportunity for the poor to participate in decision making and helps to improve their livelihood by securing better access to tourists and tourism

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