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3 Essential Safaris in Namibia
Just a few years ago, Namibia was the darling of the travel world. Like all trends, the media influencers have moved onto new shiny objects – or in our case, destinations. I say let them and their followers move on! Leave Namibia to us savvy travelers as Namibia still worthy of our travels. Namibia is safe for independent travel and is easy to navigate with a developed infrastructure of roads. Many of the other “hot” destinations require organized tours to travel deeper.

While there is a ton to do in Namibia, this article focuses solely on safaris, which can easily fill up a week or more. My recommendation is to fly into Windhoek, Namibia, rent a car, and start driving north to these 3 essential wildlife parks for some Namibia safari.

Dip your toes
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Not only is Etosha is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, it’s also one of the most unique. The national park is set on a saline desert. Viewing animals is easy as the dry conditions force the animals to the many watering holes throughout the day for your viewing pleasure. You’ll see lions, elephants, zebra, kudo, impala, giraffe, ostrich, hyena, jackal, and maybe even the endangered black rhino!

Due to the uncontrolled nature of Etosha, no hiking is permitted in the park with or without a guide. Instead, visitors view wildlife from motor vehicles. You can navigate the roads on your own with a map guiding you to the watering hole, or you can have a true safari experience and ride in an open-air vehicle. I recommend the later of the two options as not only will the driver know where to spot wildlife (ours helped us find a black rhino) but they also know the behavior of the animals a little better. There are many stories of charging elephants overturning passenger

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