Disadvantages Of School Shootings

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The school environment is one that has been stressed to be a safe and enjoyable place to learn. However, for many individuals, that is not the case. Students around the world have very unique experiences at school, which can unfortunately become abhorrent. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), and average of 96 Americans lose their lives to gun violence each day (Gun Violence by the Numbers). There are several causes of death by gun violence, but one of the causes that have become a growing problem is school shootings. Each school shooter has an individual story and should be treated disparate from the rest, but there are several similar characteristics between many school shooters throughout history. Though there are many factors…show more content…
Whether these individuals suffered from such abuse in their own household or by other means such as school or work, these individuals are being put through scenarios that display common themes of bullying. In the digital age a bully has the ability to torture and humiliate someone while in their presence as they always have, but in the modern era a bully can also do so on: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and various other applications for the public to see. This type of bullying is infinitely easier for the perpetrator to commit and just as hard for the victim to address or escape. Victims of such abuse tend to feel alone and like their life has no purpose. They feel as if one of their only options is to lash out at their bullies by any means necessary, even by tracking them down and shooting them in their school environment. Even when the bullying is not cyber based, the feelings that are created can have a final view by the…show more content…
The gun policies in the United States have never been very strict. This has lead to easier access of guns to students that are just becoming adults. Obtaining a gun is easier than it should be. Almost anyone can go online to sites like Craigslist and purchase a gun. Not only is it easier for students to access guns, it is also easier for them to obtain the knowledge of how to operate such weapons. There are tips and tutorials online aiding individuals in operation of certain firearms. The desensitization towards gun violence makes gun usage seem like a societal norm. Media plays a large role in making such a dangerous task seem so normal. Many students would disagree with the statement that violent movies, television shows, and videogames can desensitize children to violent topics like murder. However, it is said to be one of the leading causes of violence in children (Barbour). The individuals that are negatively affected by such media should be given the help that they need so occurrences like schools shootings can be

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