Disadvantages Of Second Language Learning

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Advantages and Disadvantages of CALL
Advantages of CALL. Computer technology developed rapidly from the 1980s, and has been an influential factor of language teaching and the instructional system. There are many benefits which are n useful for the second language learning and testing. Teachers are aware that the use of computer technology and its associated language studying applications can be adapted to make impartial and collaborative learning environments and make a contribution to learners gaining language understanding as they pass into different levels of second language acquisition (Kung, 2002). According to Lee (as stated in Lai & Kritsonis, 2006) there are many reasons which enable the integration of computer technology in second language practice such as; “prove practices for students through the experiential learning, provide students extra the learning motivation, enhance students ' achievement, improve authentic materials for study, encourage higher interaction between teachers and students and students and peers, emphasize the individual needs, regard independence from a single source of information and amplify international understanding” (p, 2). Nowadays, computer technology can provide veritable materials and tasks, many leisure games and communicative and interactive activities. These make lessons and learning less stressful and enable repeated training every time when it is necessary (Tunçok, 2010). Additionally, the consolidated environment that the
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