Disadvantages Of Self-Driving Car Analysis

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One of the major disadvantages of the self driving cars is that they still need to be frequently improved on the software programming so there is less of a chance that a glitch could occur while the vehicle is driving a person to the destination that is set. For an example, in the article “The Truth about self driving cars”, it states that “Software engineers will need new methods for debugging and verifying system updates in the self driving cars” (Shladover), informing that these driverless vehicles are not fully developed and still need to be improved. Engineers are still improving and updating software to fix these common issues that could affect the systems hardwiring inside the car which allows these vehicles to have the ability to drive…show more content…
Software technicians could have the ability to update software overtime. While technicians update software over time, it will improve road safety dramatically. This will fix the problem of having glitching and common issues occurring in the vehicle’s hard drive programming. While a software issue that could be solved by fixing bugs and glitches another major disadvantage in the self driving cars is that they are designed for simple driving tasks. The same author, Alex Boutilier argues “Driving is a complex task, and automated vehicles still need to be improved on their ability to read traffic signs and signals, anticipate the actions of other road users, and negotiate challenges like construction and unmarked or snow-covered roads” (Boutilier), further briefing that small common issues could be fixed pretty fast with an update but an issue like understanding street signs or unmarked scenarios is more complex and a bigger deal to the passenger’s

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