Disadvantages Of Sex Education

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“Sex. A wide range of responses, the most prominent being excitement or utter embarrassment is elicited by the mention of the word. The latter is commonly assumed to be the general reaction among Asian cultures, where anybody bringing up the subject is given reproachful glares or red, blushing faces. Sex. For something so fundamental to human nature (in fact, how each and every one of us came into being), and as innate as our human need for water and air, why is it such a prodigiously avoided topic? Just as often, most debate the pros and cons of more traditional versus more liberal social values, one subject remains off the table -- sexuality and sex education. As we all know, sex is undeniably a very hot topic. Whether we talk about it freely among friends or for educational purposes, it’s always bound to cause some controversy.”(Sex Still a Taboo Subject)…show more content…
This is an absolute flawed thinking. Because it is clearly proven that implementing sex education is obviously beneficial in cutting down sex abuse cases, teen pregnancies, STDs and baby dumping. Providing an effective sex education might be the intimidating part but it is something possible by tackling potentially sensitive issues wisely with the assist of parents, schools and government. Hence, we should not delay any more. It is imperative that the education ministry is aware of these situations, so that they can rectify the negative perception on sex into positive mainstream education. Sex education is the major vaccine to reduce, control and curb sex crimes, hence denying it for selfish reasons is something foolish to do. Sex education SHOULD be implemented in Malaysia because it is a science about human beings, not something we should shy away from at all
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