Disadvantages Of Singapore Airlines

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This essay discusses how marketers are using brands as marketing techniques across national boundaries and marketing products across border. It discusses how brands are overcoming the cultural and linguistic differences of its national markets to that of international markets. In this essay I go for Singapore Airline (SIA), to discuss benefits of branding for marketers and for transnational marketing happening globally through advancements and enhancements in global environment through improvements in communication, transportation and information technology. The benefits of airline brand, which it brings to company by offering its products and services through marketing and communication mix.
Brands are defined by Kapferer’s
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It can be seen by its early decision at the start of its operation to invest in new planes and was among first airline which orders the new air fleets. It was due to its vision to expand its global operations.
Singapore airline Logo
The official colours and designs of SIA airline was created by Landor associate (Hong Kong) in 1972 an international agency and its advertising and branding was handled by start-up batey Inc, of Ian batey global icon. The airline logo is represented by a stylish bird signifying flight symbol. The official colours are in combination of rich gold and midnight blue, acting its brand symbol
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SIA is offering over 62 destinations with its modern fleet over prominent global destinations. Pricing strategies of SIA are cost effective for its passenger. SIA has its placement and presence at leading airports to cater to the needs of its passengers. A variety of different promotional activates are carried out by the airline to provide value added services to its customers.
Formulation of strategic alliances and association between worldwide carriers also adds value to the individual as well as alliance brands collectively. Strategic alliances over different parts of the world helps its member airline companies and their passengers to enjoy more range of products and services and helps in providing connecting flights to destinations where no direct flight route available. Such sort of added services to customers brings customers loyalty which has real competitive advantage over its competitors.
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