Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sleek

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Definition of Globalization :
Globalization is “the world development toward economic, financial , trade , and communication integration . Globalization suggests the opening of nearby and nationalistic points of view to a more extensive standpoint of an interconnected of capital , goods and administrations crosswise over national frontiers “.
Globalization is not another thing. For a long time individuals had been exchanging products by travelling awesome separations utilizing the essential method for transports. People stayed in touch by sending letters with messengers. ‘Amid medieval times, shippers went along the Silk Street , which joined Europe to China .‘
Globalization is a thought that turned out to characterize across the board observation
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Sleek has a significant contender which is a US organization working in the hair zone range that called its image ‘sensationnel’. This organization had an expensive control of the US advertise , as well as of the Caribbean , European and African market
Why and How Sleek is a multinational company:
Sleeks company is a reasonable illustration of a multinational company since it has its home office situated in UK accurately in London . On the other hand it has a numerous auxiliaries in distinctive remote nations , for example , France , Ghana and South Africa offering hair items . Besides , it has permitted China to produce and manufacture its items and products for Sleeks utilizing a cheap work yonder and getting advantage of the monetary environment , as well as of the powerless regulations . SWOT analysis of Sleek :
‘A SWOT analysis ( alternatively SWOT framework) is an organized arranging technique used to assess the qualities , shortcomings , opportunities and weaknesses included in an undertaking or in a business venture . A SWOT analysis can be done for an item , put , industry or individual . IT includes determining the goal of the business wander or venture and distinguishing the inside and outside variables that are positive and negative to attain to that goal or

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