Disadvantages Of Smartphone

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The study of impact using smartphones on their academic performance either giving them benefits (advantages) or drawbacks (disadvantages) among Kolej Poly-Tech Mara (KPTM) students.


Technology getting more advanced from time to time until today there was smartphones. In the past the only phone that are exist are huge and heavy it is difficult for us to carry it anywhere at any time. Thus in the change in time, technology have changed and improve the old phone by creating a so-called mobile that is smartphones. Smart phone is a phone that offers more than a regular cell phones, Smartphones are more likely to be a small computers that have the same functions where we can access to a lot
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This is one of the causes of distraction for one student, other student around and also the lecturer. For some important cases such as exam or quiz, it would be easy for student to cheat during the process. This may lead to plagiarism and will negatively affect their. The misuse of Smartphone could be through the use of text message exchange with other students, find answers on the Internet, using advanced calculator and phone applications, reading notes saved on their phones to help on the…show more content…
2) To argue that using smartphone gives huge impact on both positive impact and negative impacts.
3) To prove that using smartphone can build a creative person in accessing information using information technology (IT) gadget or device.


1) How college and university students use smartphones regularly?
2) In what age of a person that mostly to have smartphone at all time?
3) What are the most common places for using smartphones?
4) How smartphones are being used to increase student education performance?
5) Do college and university students use smartphones for social network?
6) How smartphones are used by the student to support learning?
7) Did the information search by students is precise based on the subject to learn?


The main target user for the study is the student of Kolej Poly-Tech Mara including both diploma and degree level. Students that studying in this college ages is between 18 and 25 years old. There are many varieties of student in this college. Why did I choose Kolej-Poly Tech Mara as my main target user, it is because it is where I am studying, It is easy for me to make the survey every time I go to college. I can co-operate with them in completing my research

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