Disadvantages Of Smartphones

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Phones are Becoming a Distraction and Nothing is Being Done!
One of teenagers, most valuable possessions are becoming a massive problem in schools:phones. More and more people are getting phones. The majority of them have some form of social media and it is becoming an issue in schools. Schools need to have a policy set in place for whether or not phones are allowed and what the restrictions are. Although most students have the potential to get distracted by phones in class they should be able to use them for educational purposes, to make learning more exciting, and more accessible.
Even though, electronic devices are causing issues they can be used in many educational purposes. The article 40 Uses of Smartphones states that the camera that is on your phone/mobile device can be used to record science experiments so that you can go back and look at them in the forthcoming. Phones can be used as calculators and timing things by using the stopwatch on your device. Barbara McConnell a teacher in New York says “ It would be nice if phones weren’t in the school picture, but they are so let 's use them to our advantage.” Although phones can be a distraction and not every student is not trustworthy enough to stay on school related things they can help eliminate the things students have to bring to class. For example, when using the camera on your phone it can benefit you in the future because you will be able to go back and look at that experiment to help with other assignments or
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