Disadvantages Of Social Diversity

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Since the advent of economic globalization, humans have undergone massive social transformations, such as technological achievements, appearance of supranational institutions, ethnic divisions, etc. Some people voice their support for the position that those changes denote unbridgeable social diversities. Others, on the contrary, affirm that they are the attributes of social convergence. I personally endorse the social confluence because of following rationales. A striking characteristic of the economic globalization is marked improvement of digital technology, which allows people to live together in a global village. Contriving networked computers and the World Wide Web dramatically augments the power of information exchange all over the…show more content…
which contributes to social diversity. The term “glocalization” is utilized to imply that the contrast in customer tastes, customer behaviors and buying habits in myriad cultures forces international firms to customize their products to suit local needs. Take an example, a favorite merchandise in Japan can become an inventory item in Canada or an efficient advertisement in USA may be impolite and counter-productive in Vietnam. Therefore, it is considered as a challenge for the globalization process. In addition, advancement of technology, growth in economy, higher living standards likely widen the gap between the rich and the poor and lose the balance in society. Nevertheless, these disadvantages do not outweigh the achievements human obtain through economic globalization. It is well-demonstrated that any nation which does not follow the nature of this process will confront with a lot of political issues, particularly North Korea and Iraq. Due to resistance to foreign influences, two countries have to unilaterally fight with the inner chaos, and watch carefully outer
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