Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Everybody cares about social media today. To say that social media is not important is selfishly denying the reality especially among our teenagers whose life revolves around the influence of social media. Today, there are many popular forms of social media such as the Face book, Twitter, My Life, MySpace and Aim. Many users today around the world are engaged with social media sites for numerous reasons that include communication with family and friends while others may include business purposes or for playing online games (Boyd, d. m., & Ellison, N. B. (2007). According to the article, ‘Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View their Digital Lives, 2012’, nine out of ten or 90% of teenagers today age 13-17 used some forms of social media. Of these figures, three out of four or 75% have their own profile created on social networking site. Of the social media various forms, Holman (2013) claimed that Face book is the main social networking site with 68% users around the globe (Kemp, 2015). To say that social media is significant today is even an understatement. Communication between people has become so easy nowadays thanks to the use of Social Media. People are able to communicate with one another even if they are in different countries from each other. With the use of internet social media allows its users to transfer information and computer files to their friends and family (Veerasamy, 2013). In contrast, social media has its negative issues as well. They have
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