Disadvantages Of Social Media In Education

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1. Literature Review
Social Network Sites (SNS) are online services that allow people to create a profile, create a list of other users who share a connection with the user, and view the lists of connections created by others within that system (boyd, d. m. and Ellison, N. B., 2008). The range of people using SNS vary, it can be teenagers, young adults, and adults. The purpose on sharing a connection within users vary as well depends on the people who use it. A working adult may use the connection to make their job easier, an unemployed young adult may use it for seeking connections for job vacancy, and students may use it for conversing with their friends. The article Why Social Media Education Is Needed In Schools from usergeneratededucation blog stated
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Social media provides more resources
5. Video conference in a classroom
Disadvantages of Social Media to Students in Education:
1. Students can be easily distracted.
2. Posting inappropriate content may harm the school’s reputation
3. Students may find it hard to interact with each other if relying too much on social media
(Advantages of Using Social Media in Education, https://www.academiaapps.com/advantages-social-media-education/)
The article How Social Media is Reshaping Today 's Education System claims that students are using social medias as a new sense of community and is using social media to create opportunity for themselves. (How Social Media is Reshaping Today 's Education System, https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/273044). Examples of productive programs using social media that can be used as a community, taken from the article The Use of Social Media in School:
Facebook Classroom Page:
- Posting homeworks or assignments so both students and parents are able to see
- Share updates
- Strengthening the connection as a community
- Increase communication between teachers and parents

Twitter Classroom Account:
- Reminders such as assignment due date and field trips
- Lesson review
- Answer
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