Disadvantages Of Social Media In The Workplace

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Social media use is ubiquitous in this era, it is used for anything from tasks like connecting with friends to even finding a job. While most social media sites concern making content and having an online community, these platforms can also be used for uncommon uses like applying for a job. LinkedIn is one social media site that is reserved for professionals to develop connections and therefore a great tool to consider when applying for jobs. Facebook and Youtube are others platforms that can be utilized on the lookout for potential internships or job openings. When I pass NCLEX-RN, I am going to continue to update the LinkedIn account I have. This way, I could add my educational qualifications and resume, and make myself available…show more content…
One of the biggest drawbacks is that the online community can see places a person applies to. For instance, if I am working at a place and looking for another job, I most likely don’t want my manager to know my intentions. But, having my manager or a coworker on LinkedIn can let them know what places I am applying to, and this betrays confidentiality. If I was applying through a website, this sharing on my applying would not happen. Another significant disadvantage is that not all employers use social media for recruiting purposes. For example, many healthcare jobs are posted on hospital websites. Even simple clerical jobs in neighborhood stores are not posted on social media most of the time, and people have to apply either in person or even through websites. So, if people only apply through social media, it will limit their opportunities from a plethora of jobs. Furthermore, it can be time-consuming to update one’s profiles and connections to look more productive. When people are frequently checking for updates, it makes job hunting extremely…show more content…
Often social media sites are linked and this allows the online community to view what others are doing. People with multiple social media sites have to be careful that their casual posts don’t contradict their professions. I should not have any negative behavior or post in inappropriate or revealing clothing next to my resume, as that does not present professionalism. It may be advisable for people to create a personal and a professional account on social media accounts with strict privacy settings, but again it is possible for employers to come across the personal one. So, it is almost as people have no privacy on social media because the information is accessible to many. Regarding the inconsistent image, it also means not posting anything that betrays people’s confidentiality and anonymity, especially in a healthcare setting. There have been instances where nursing students posted pictures of patients online and losing their place in the academic program. Even many nurses have lost their license by putting out sensitive patient information online. This aspect of social media makes it very difficult for people to post whatever they want. So, it is so important to have a “clean” profile online to look presentable to

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