Disadvantages Of Social Media Marketing

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1. SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING Social listening is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand. (Rouse, M 2014) Achievements Benefits Disadvantages -Monitor brand/product mentions -Track social conversations/competition -Measure sentiment/level of buzz -Identify relevant keywords -Understand real people/insights -Handle PR crisis -Reduce customer support costs -Measure campaigns -Spot trends -Discover new competitors - Can be very noisy/impostor sources (Mills, T 2013) - Unstructured data/ lack of context or background - Provide small part of market insight RED RIBBONS SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING SML benefits Build long-term relationships and customer lifetime value Potential followers /similar interest Specials deals based on segmentation. Topic of interest / hashtags Engage post by including things the audience enjoy. Think social, not shopping (Chaney, P 2013). Brands/Products /online conversations Offer products that will sell better for the audience. Queries/ same questions Incorporate answers into RR blog. Compliments Say ‘Thank you’ .Embed social media post from fans Feedback Any change or update made give credit to RR customer and announce it through Facebook APPLYING SML OBJECTIVES 1) Improve engagement through Facebook 2) Improve customer service via social platforms. Where Keywords Tools Facebook page, blogs, forums/ groups ‘Red Ribbons’, product names by occasion such as ‘Christmas Gifts’, competitor
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