Disadvantages Of Societas Europeae

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2. Advantages of the Societas Europeae The SE structure was designed to approach the companies in Europe and to enforce the trade within the EU area. This act of using the statute as a national law, argues the vital interest in a workforce focused on harmonization of the corporate governance, establishing a stable economy for stake holders and multinational companies. In Between the difficulties to harmonize the interests of management and employees it had shown the efficiency to increase the numbers of SE companies registered during the years that it has been applied as a national law of the member parties. The abolishment of national restrictions and the prohibition of discrimination must not be considered as diminishing the rights or freedoms of any Member State. On the contrary, it must be observed as unification for a common interest. The prosperity of the European Union depends on preserving and further enhancing the advantages of a European Internal Market; MS are undergoing a process of accepting the fact that it is necessary to yield certain national norms and principles for the sake of a stable economic growth.1 The efforts to achieve a stable internal trade is the basic principle and the base for the creation of a unique regulation for companies from the EU and EEA and that is also a big advantage for companies of any scale. One of the main advantages found was mentioned in the introduction part and It concerns to the type of registration model the companies have

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