Disadvantages Of Softball And Baseball

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For ages people have long debated the difficulties of softball and baseball. They try to compare the two sports as the female and male respondents to each other. Softball is usually seen as seen as the sport young girls play that don’t want to dance. When people hear baseball, they automatically think of major league players who make millions and never make an error. Although softball and baseball are similar in style and play, softball is more of a challenge to succeed in. Softball and baseball each have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the size of the field. From the plate to home in softball it is sixty feet and in baseball it is ninety feet. With the softball field being smaller, the fielders are closer together than in baseball. This means that as a batter it 's harder to get a hit by the fielders and get an infield hit. Bunting is also incredibly difficult to do in softball. Dropping the bunt down, and taking off, well most of the time the catcher will be there if not the corner infielder in a split second. That being said some of the fastest people get thrown out most of the time. Carly, who can run to first in under 3 seconds, percentage of successful bunt attempts was around fifty. That also means the fielding gave up a free base to someone fifty percent of the time because they were just too slow. Bunting with Carly on base benefits the hitting team because she can move around to third, but it 's a danger to the fielders. With baseball’s bases being

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