Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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The first solar photovoltaic was first build in the United State in 1954in the Bell Labs and after several years it then started using the space satellites for the generating the electricity. The solar energy was first used in the 1860 and where it combined many technologies which were used to generate the steam by capturing light from the sun [1]. Between the 1970 and early 1980 the solar energy industry didn’t function properly so due to lack of sustainable policy (Govinda et.al,2012).The solar energy are made of small scale photovoltaic cells, solar concentrated power and large scale of PV systems that feed into electricity grids. Solar energy uses the light from the sun to generate the electricity (Govinda et.al,2012).The solar energy is…show more content…
Off –grid PV systems is good if it is used in countries which are well developed to yield the best results in the economy while the off grid centralised PV are the systems which are good for electrification in rural areas and are very reliable. Centralizing the PV mini grid systems is the most efficient for a given level of service.
It requires the amount of the irradiation which will be available. In semiconductor the materials are containing the electrical conductor from the electron flow which causes the magnitude between that of conductor and an insulator. The semiconductors are the materials which are used in electronics or any type of the energy device. The semiconductors are converting the solar photovoltaic panels directly into light energy into the electrical energy and it is where the electrons are knocked from the atoms in the solar
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The concentrating solar power plants are converting the sun’ energy into the high temperature heat. The other part of the concentrating solar power is converting the solar energy into heat while the other part converts the solar energy into electricity. The concentrating solar power plants with the large scale are used in concentrating the sunlight by reflection which is opposed to the sunlight refraction. The concentrating solar power is ranging from small kW to the hundreds of MW.The first concentrating solar power was used in California. Most of the concentrating solar power which was installed is
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