Disadvantages Of Sports Massage

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Sports massage which is also known as, Bodywork, has come into extraordinary use.
- Sports massage, like any massage, will increase the circulation of blood in the body. Improved circulation can be critical for a healthy lifestyle; it is especially helpful to athletes. The circulation in the muscles slows down during activity, the muscles become tighter and sore. After a massage, the muscles will be refreshed by new oxygenated blood.
- Sports massage prevents or treats a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This condition happens a few hours after exercise, especially if the athlete is not used to a particular exercise. This condition is not only painful, but it can also affect the player’s ability to perform well in the next event or even cause him/her
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Identification of the problem is the first step. Sports massage therapists are often the first to notice the problems. Some injuries that a sports massage therapist might be able to help with are: sprains, strains, plantar fasciitis, and tendinitis.
- Bodywork can improve flexibility. Most of the time a sports massage is spent with the massage therapist stretching the body parts to improve joint flexibility and relieve joint pain. This can also improve range of motion for the athlete. - Sports massage increases flow in lymphatic system. This renewed circulation, along with the improved circulation of blood, helps the body carry away waste products. This is a good thing, since athletes’ muscles build up large amounts of different types of waste, such as lactic acid, during prolonged events.
- Sports massage can be used to help the athlete prevent injuries. The bodywork that is done on all the muscles and joints makes them more resilient. They help lengthen out short, tightened muscles and increase muscle stability. Muscle imbalances can be corrected for better movements that are less likely to result in
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