Disadvantages Of Stealth Technology

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NAME: GORKEM KALAN ID: 14185695 MODULE: ELECTROMAGNETICS AND PROPAGATION TOPIC: STEALTH TECHNOLOGY LECTURER: ANDREW MEEHAN STEALTH TECHNOLOGY Stealth Technology is used for military purposes to be hidden from detection devices and used with aircrafts, ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to be invisible for radar, infrared and sonar devices. HISTORY The idea of stealth technology comes from camouflage and its usage was started for gamekeepers in England. In 1940s, stealth technology was tried for a ship and aircraft with using diffused lighting camouflage (producing light to match with background) but they are disproved by radar.…show more content…
They can detect to aircrafts without warning them. Wide bandwidth, low power and frequency variability provide them hard detection. DISADVANTAGES OF STEALTH TECHNOLOGY Stealth aircrafts are produced to decrease RCS, so they have poor aerodynamic properties and this generates difficulties for flight. Aircrafts are generally stable at one axis; however stealth aircrafts are usually unstable in all axes. They need extra prevention for safety and this leads to increase the cost and weight. In addition they must move slowly to be invisible and because of that they are not good at dogfighting, but while producing the F-22 Raptor, the shape is made more conventional for fighting. Stealth vehicles must be maintained well to sustain invisibility, they must be checked before every movement like their painting and cooler system, but in long term, this increases the cost of vehicles. Stealth aircrafts cannot carry high amount weapons and when they open their weapon systems to fight, their RCS increases and they lose their…show more content…
Gotland-class is a stealth submarine. It has isolated machinery and mounted rubber dampeners to decrease vibrations and noises. There were used a hydrodynamic hull to reduce noise, infrared and sonar detection and coated by RAMs. Stirling generators and slow turning propellers are provided to make them silent. ETHICS OF STEALTH TECHNOLOGY In spite of stealth technology provides advantages to countries during the war, they are not proper as ethical. They can move internal frontiers of the other countries’ without taking permission. MATLAB CODE >> figure; >> o=0:0.001:2*pi; %the interval is between 0 and 2*pi >> quiver(0,-1,0,2,'r') %the location of vector is (0,-1) to (0,2) >> hold on >> for r=1:10 %the loop interval is between 1 and 10 x=r*cos(o); %values on coordinat system on x axis y=r*sin(o); %values on coordinat system on y axis plot(x,y) hold on end

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