Disadvantages Of Stereotype

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If it comes to the classification of mental concepts, there can be recognised, inter alia: stereotypes, nationality, religion, love and many others. What is more, these themes are highly connected to idioms. In the examples below four of them will be described. Starting with stereotypes, ‘it is a preconceived notion, especially about a group of people. Many stereotypes are racist, sexist, or homophobic’ (vocabulary.com). In comparison McLeod (2008) claims that stereotype is a generalization and false belief about country or group of people. Additionally, Blum (2004) argue that stereotype in English was introduced in 20th century and something can be called stereotype only if it can be characterised. Hinton (2000) states that stereotyping can cause that people treat another person unfairly and snub. McLeod (2008) thinks that there are both advantages and disadvantages of stereotyping. Stereotype can be an advantage because it allows people to react sharply to a common situation because it could have repeated before. On the other hand, stereotype is a disadvantage because it get people to disdain differences between persons and judge people not even knowing them because of false beliefs. By using stereotypes people simplify the world and their surroundings. Furthermore, by this process a person assumes that another person has characteristic as he or she infer the whole group have. Most stereotypes tend to be negative. There can be recognised, for instance , racist

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