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Structural Steel Detailing as a Service Rough Copy

Steel is one of the most important construction materials, thanks to its strength, durability and malleability. It is used in a wide range of construction applications including buildings, bridges, roads and many other types of structures throughout the world. This material can be made by combining iron with carbon. In addition to these, other additives may also be utilized such as manganese, alloys and certain chemicals to boost the strength and durability of the material. And when it is formed into particular shapes and sizes, it is referred to as structural steel.

Different shapes, sizes as well as gauges can be formed out of structural steel. Examples of structural steel shapes include
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There are two types of drawings that are involved, with respect to the creation of detailed drawings;
• The erection drawing
• The shop drawing.

The former describes the dimensioned plans and explains the geographic location of each of the steel component within the whole structure in an exact and detailed manner. It includes specific information about the installation requirements, each component’s position, and all other important considerations such as wedge anchors, bolt installation and welding spots.

On the other hand, shop drawings show every little detail of each steel piece for instance joints, beams, braces, and columns. This details the manner in which each of these components should be made by a steel fabricator.

Shop drawings entail material specifications, component sizes and dimensions, surface specifications, bolting, welding, painting details, and other details that pertain to each component’s fabrication. This drawing is only necessary for fabrication purposes. It doesn’t contain any details about the setting up or installation of these steel
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Architects greatly rely on steel detailers because they have a fundamental technical skill needed in order for a massive construction project to end up successfully.

There are numerous advantages to incorporating effective structural steel detailing in your steel structure building project. For instance, you can ensure that you will be having a structure that is not only safe, functional and durable but also aesthetically appealing.

A good team of professionals can analyze intricate issues in structural steel detailing and quickly come up with great solutions which will have a significant and positive impact on your steel building project.

We are your most trusted and competent structural steel detailing Calgary professionals. We take pride in having a highly competent team of steel detailers who possess massive experience in this area. Our track record which is evidenced by our project portfolio in steel detailing projects demonstrates our expertise in executing most intricate steel construction projects. Let’s talk about your project

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