Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad Essay

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English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, etc., have become the “dream destinations” for higher study standard of overseas students because the schools in these countries are well-known for the good reputation of their educational systems. That is why studying abroad has been one of the most popular trends among students nowadays. Indeed, the advantages of this phenomenon are obviously clear; however, its disadvantages should not be overlooked.
The first and foremost benefit is that overseas students have opportunities to approach the high-quality instruction. As a matter of fact, when the students live and study outright in their home countries, the knowledge that they learn is limited by their country borders. Therefore, if they can break that limit then successfully apply for foreign schools, they can have better study condition. The reason for this difference is that foreign schools offer the modern technologies, the updated knowledge, the latest study materials coupled with the advanced teaching techniques, the world-class facilities and interesting learning method. Thanks to that up-to-date technology schooling environment in their host countries, it will be easier for overseas students to get a good job security, high
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Regarding the physical health problems, the climate at the majority of “dream destinations” is often in the temperate belt, and the overseas students usually come from tropical countries. Due to the sudden changing in the living environment, overseas students might find difficult to cope with and catch some symptoms of sickness, such as stuffy noses, headache, sore throat, sleep all day long, etc., which make them feel uncomfortable and result in the distraction and their ineffective working at
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