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These are the thinnest and most versatile Superfeet insoles. They provide ample support for people with low arches and you can wear them with almost any type of shoe.
The lack of cushion may be a problem for those with more sensitive feet. A couple of alternatives among the Superfeet insoles that provide more cushion are the Superfeet Copper and the Superfeet Black DMP, but they need roomier shoes.

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I’ve suffered several types of pain for the greatest portion of my life: feet pain (mostly caused by plantar fasciitis), back pain, headaches… A year ago, while talking with a friend of mine (thanks, Ramen), I realized that if I aspired to live a happier life I should’ve been spending more time finding reliable ways to alleviate my foot pains.

During this past year, I’ve tested numerous products and various of them have contributed to saving my feet from pain. After a year I believe it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned and that’s the reason why I’ve teamed up with
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The best way to find it out is to ask a podiatrist to check your feet. In my case, I have flat feet and low arches and that’s exactly the kind of feet the Superfeet Black insoles are intended for. If your arches are high or medium there are other insoles that may be more suitable for you.

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A common problem with insoles is that they need moderately roomy shoes to fit in. That’s not the case with the Superfeet Black since they are remarkably thin and flat. All in all, I recommend taking the insoles with you when buying new shoes to be sure they actually fit in. In some cases, you may need to trim your insoles so they adapt the best to your feet. I usually use these insoles with everyday shoes and change to Superfeet Copper for activities that need extra cushioning such as running or other sports.

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