Disadvantages Of Supermarkets

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1 Introduction 1.1 Background As Per the Economic Survey of Pakistan (2013-14), this reveals that retail and wholesale being the largest subsector of services contributing around 31.94%in the service sector & has a contribution 18.6% in GDP. There is a substantial growth of 5.18% in comparison with 3.38%in previous year. This sub-sector is considered as the 3rd leading share as a % of Gross Domestic Product after the Industrial and Agriculture Sector (Fedral Budget Publication 2014-15, 2014). In preceding five years, as a result of massive growth in the wholesale & retail sectors & the advent of supermarkets or malls has vigorously influenced the behavior of the consumer i.e. fashioning a new community of passionate & enthusiastic consumers from the upper & middle classes. One can witnessed that the increase in the number and different setups of the retail outlets would result in delivering a value added shopping experience to the consumers i.e. consumer are buying the products zealously, avoiding the fact that inflation has made their life miserable. One reason for this massive growth might be that the consumer feels more secure in these outlets because of efficient security system that the conventional shopping centers lack. These stores are characterized with a self-service that provide ease in the form systematized walkways, larger product variety, comfortable push cart system & a sole exit point. In Karachi, Super-stores like Hyperstar, Metro Cash & Cary, Imtiaz
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