Disadvantages Of Supply Chain Management System

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Supply chain management system (SCMS) One of the enterprise application that span across the organization is Supply chain management system ( SCMS). Supply chain management system (SCMS) is a streamline of supply activities to gain a competitive advantages and to maximize the customers value on the marketplace. Moreover, it controls the goods, information, and finances as they process among supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. It is about integrating and coordinating all these flows within companies. The goal of any effective supply chain management system is to reduce inventory, with the assumption that products are available when needed.
The main three flows of Supply chain management system (SCMS) are:-
The product flow, which include the movement of goods or products from supplier to customer.
The information flow , include the transmitting order and the updating the status of delivery.
The financial flow, it consists of payment schedules, credit terms and the ownership arguments.
The firm provide supply chain management system to develop and implement the supply chains in a way that are more efficient and to make it economical as possible. It also , improve the business process to meet the customer demands more effectively and efficiently and to gives them the ability to process their order quickly. Supply chain management system provides your business

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