Advantages And Disadvantages Of Surrogacy

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The development of new technology has created controversial issues and problems, and, in contrast, created the satisfaction for poor women among surrogacy and culture in the modern world. Surrogacy has given people like homosexual family or infertile family new technique to fulfill what the need for their family with high satisfaction. However, it also has promoted the conflicts to people society, which method is not paired with the religious people and culture in some societies. In this essay, I will demonstrate about the advantages and disadvantages by comparing the surrogate mother and its environment, and the intended parents and its family relationship, including controversial issues of surrogacy. 1. What is Surrogacy There are two types of surrogacy practicing in the modern day: the traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Briefly, traditional…show more content…
There are always arguments or disagreement between practicing surrogacy because of the society critiques, unstable law or outlaw, unpaired with the culture, and violently opposite to the religion or belief. In the consequence, it affects indirectly to all the surrogate mother, intended family and especially to the surrogate child by emotionally, physically, or mentally. In monogamies family, marriage move up in society as property and oppression of women is existed in social & economic class, yet women cannot work outside whereas men are. In pairing family, moreover, many wives are purchasing marriage or capture marriage and women is superior only in household , but inferior in outside. Clearly, surrogacy will cause and decline on the human being value or self-respect in the future. For instance, surrogacy cause the generation to think of father sperm and mother embryo as a objects or interchangeable parts and it also become obviously as a machine to reproduce the child as a
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