Disadvantages Of Sustainable Building

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Sustainable is an opportunity to use natural resources efficiently while creating healthier buildings that improve human health, build a better environment and provide cost saving. A green building is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reuse in an ecological and resources efficient manner. Green building are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting occupant health, improving employee productivity, using energy, water and other resources more efficiently and reducing the overall impact to the environment. [3]
The sustainable building approaches applies a project life cycle cost analysis for determining the appropriate up front expenditure. This analytical method
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In terms of environmental benefits, it will include to improve air and water quality, reduced energy and water consumption, and to reduce waste disposal. The economic benefits will include the reduction of operating cost, maintenance cost and can help increasing the sales price and rent. While, the health and community benefits will include the enhancement occupant comfort and health, and reduced liability.
By referring to the [23], there is only one disadvantage in applying the sustainable construction. The building created following sustainable construction principles typically have a higher initial cost than ordinary building. Not every project manages to get their overall net increased cost in a short period. To cover these problems, life analysis cost should be conducted to account for reduction of operating cost and increasing the productivity.
There are several barriers that caused the slowing implementation of sustainable construction in the industry; the barriers are there was a changing in the way industry builds, lack of relevant skill and knowledge and
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In the current building system design processes, structural engineers play a limited role in the overall sustainability of a design [7]. While the contribution of sustainability to the built environment typically influences the architectural form of a structure, the performance and cost of a project drive the engineer’s work and bottom line. While the building and construction community look to improve sustainable development through attention to integrate design and form, cost and structural performance must remain at the forefront of development.

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