Disadvantages Of Teachers

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“Other than doctors, teachers hold human lives in their hands each and everyday.” For someone to be well involved with other human lives they need to be dedicated, be generous, and have compassion (Ericksen). Along with carrying those traits there is also schooling involved for someone to become an elementary teacher. One can say that those individuals are going to school to be going to a school for the rest of their lives. Those individuals later on decide if they want to teach at public or a private school (Kindergarten and Elementary…). In fact, for someone to become an elementary teacher it all starts with the schooling. Like most majors, individuals need to go to college to earn the degree that is needed to be able to start a career…show more content…
Not many individuals get to wake up and say that they are inspiring others in the profession they do. Teachers go to school everyday to share their knowledge to the students as well as give them attention. The tasks teachers encounter with the students everyday influence them with what they are to become (Quinstreet). At times those students do not have that special someone in their life at home who pays attention to them and makes them feel as is they are enough. It is important that teachers are taking the role as that special someone (Ericksen). The way teachers influence students is something that does stick with those individuals and that is a reason why some consider the major of elementary education. Not only do teachers influence the life of students, but they are also the ones who ensure that each and every student is the best that they can become. One way is that many students enter classrooms who are English learners. It is the role of the teachers to help those students be successful in their academics. Some of these English learners can only receive help with school work at school because no one at home knows the language. The teachers are the ones who will be there for them when times get rough (The Importance
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