Disadvantages Of Teaching Science

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Everything that revolves around and within this world is all about Science. A famous scientist once said that “science is phenomenal and that it must me thought to the generation to come to save the world” meaning that Science must be thought in as much school as possible by science teachers/ teachers of science to help science to live and improve society. Adding to that science is a special subject that needs to be treated with love or else it will be easily disliked this is where the teacher plays an important role to the scientific life of a child/pupil in other words how teachers teach science. There are many principles of teaching science of which a very important one is, children learn better through…show more content…
Based on experience and research the lack of materials and equipment’s to teach science is one of the major problems of teaching especially in the primary schools. It is very important to render original/quality firsthand experience to the pupils because it makes the work easier for them to understand and develop and liking for science. Because presently most pupils develop a mind block for science most of them were introduce to science using a boring method and as result they developed a negative mind towards science. The lack of proper teaching facility for the teaching of science is another problem in teaching science. A teacher of science would not be able to always function in a regular classroom or a cram classroom because it is difficult to teach children science, because when it is time to experiment without them not knowing what it feels like to work in or experience what a laboratory is like the teacher and the learners will experience some difficulties . There may be a point in time when there will be a need for a science field trip and permission may be difficult to get to execute the successful teaching of a particular science topic. For example if a teacher is teaching a specific topic and there is a need to take pupils out of the classroom setting to teaching topic accurately for pupils to understand the concept on hand and permission is not granted by parents/guardian, Head Teacher, Ministry of Education, that can tamper with the teaching of that science lesson and some pupils may not understand and that can tamper the entire learning process of that

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